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We create platforms where educators and students can share information and get smarter together.
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What We Do

More than just software.

We started Focustime for schools to harness data from self-directed study blocks to better develop the student-teacher relationship and to allow students to study more efficiently.

Since then, we've continued to build our attendance platform, Spotlight, with one goal in mind: to help students and teachers get smarter together.

The opportunity for students to have focus time that is their choice within their school day to actually get work done is such a gift. This is the perfect solution where they have responsibility and we are able to account for their time as we need to required by ministry but still gives them the flexibility of choice.

Melanie Paas

Vice Principal, School District 61

Our Story

We are Focustime.

We are a team of Victoria high school grads who are showcasing the value of our education. We’ve experienced first hand the challenges that educators have collecting data and making sense of it. Our technology fills the gap. Not only do we create the platforms, but we also guide the analysis of the data for the benefit of both school and student.

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The great thing is that any teacher anywhere can check if a student has signed up for a block somewhere, and it's a great feature to have. Student accountability has been great; with some students missing these blocks, teachers being able to look a student up and generate a report fixes a lot of problems for us.

Ciaran McLaverty

Vice Principal, Island Catholic Schools


Smart attendance for focus blocks.

Spotlight is a digital interface that provides administrators, teachers and students with powerful tools for self-directed study blocks.

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Transitioning from a paper-based ledger can be difficult. Spotlight enables the process of switching to a cloud-based system easy.


Data security and integrity is our biggest priority. We work to comply with all school and district level regulations.

data_usageBetter Data

Spotlight allows for administrators to zoom in on the classroom, getting better data on how students and teachers are using their time during self-directed blocks.

For us it's been amazing. We can run larger sessions where kids come in and it works like a charm. I like being able to schedule months in advance, and Spotlight allows me to do that. Our staff wanted to make sure they could hold kids accountable for where they were and what they were doing, and Spotlight manages that for us.

Mike Bobbit

Vice Principal, School District 62


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