Smart attendance for focus blocks.

Spotlight is a digital interface that provides administrators, teachers and students with powerful tools for self-directed study blocks.

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Transitioning from a paper-based ledger can be difficult. Spotlight enables the process of switching to a cloud-based system easy.


Data security and integrity is our biggest priority. We work to comply with all school and district level regulations.

data_usageBetter Data

Spotlight allows for administrators to zoom in on the classroom, getting better data on how students and teachers are using their time during self-directed blocks.

double_arrowStay on Track

Spotlight allows teachers to schedule around self-directed blocks and streamline their weeks and months ahead — no planner necessary.

local_cafePeace of Mind

Both organizing and administrating students during self-directed blocks can be difficult for teachers. With Spotlight, students are notified on where they need to be in order to ensure seamless transitions between classes.

how_to_regStudent Data

Spotlight enables teachers to reflect on student habits during self-directed blocks, allowing teachers to offer direction to students that need it most.

cachedHabit Building

Self-directed blocks give students a glimpse into post-secondary learning. With Spotlight, we help students stay on track to prepare them for future education.


Spotlight offers a clear and concise look at missed and attended blocks.

thumb_upEase of Use

Spotlight is accessable and easy to access for students using a mobile phone or computer — at school or from home.

It's been called "the gift of time" at Oak Bay - to let kids do what they're excited about, what they're passionate about and to get the learning support that they need from teachers. Spotlight is a great accountability mechanism. It's great being able to see where kids are going and to help kids plan out their days and take responsibility for their learning.

Jeff Laird

Teacher, School District 61


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